Thursday, June 16, 2011

RJ Says: Moving to Pro 4 Off-Road Truck Racing in 2011

Last year I won the TORC Pro 2 Off-Road Truck racing championship. This year I'm moving to the Pro 4 class.

What's the difference between Pro 2 and Pro 4? Pro 2 is two wheel drive. Pro 4 is four wheel drive.

With Pro 4 you can drive more aggressively - you can get on the gas more, because you have much more traction with all four wheels.

Also in 2011, I'm with a new team - Menzies. Plus I have help from Dodge, and Red Bull.

In this video below, this is one of the first times I started testing for 2011. It's a track at Glen Helen Raceway! (Home of the US MX GP)


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