Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women's AMA Motocross National Championship numbers for 2011 season

Beginning last season, MX Sports Pro Racing implemented a new numbering system for the Women's AMA National Motocross championship. In years past, riders selected their numbers based on availability and order of selection was determined by where a rider finished in the standings the previous season. While the champion was designated to wear the number one plate, all other competitors were permitted to select any number that was available.

The 2010 campaign marked the debut of a new numbering system that determines a rider's number by where she finished the previous season. As a result, one's finishing position in the championship would serve as her number for the following season.

While Women's MX Champion Jessica Patterson will enter 2011 with the #1 plate on her bike, jersey and helmet, below is a list of the remaining numbers for next season's MotorcycleUSA Women's Motocross Championship in accordance to each woman's position in the final standings for 2010:


Marcus Hansson Doug Henry Broc Hepler Rob Herring George Holland

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