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Steel City; Interview with Tommy Hahn after he gets the 450 OVERALL win

The last race of the season, Steel City Raceway, Tommy Hahn got his first win�and gets his first overall race win. Tommy did have some great results this Motocross season with a handful of podiums and top ten results, so it was just a matter of time before Hahn was holding that first place trophy.


Angela: Tommy, Steel City wasn?t a race you were too excited about but that changed, right?

Tommy: I can?t believe on the track that I dislike so much that I won on it. It turned out to be a good day, I got a good start in both Moto?s and I rode smart. It?s defiantly a track you can override very easily and I just concentrated on making it through all my turns really smooth because that?s where the races were going to be won or lost, in those turns.

A: How does it feel to have that overall here at Steel City?

T: It still hasn?t hit me yet and I don?t think it?s going to hit me for awhile but wow it feels good. I was able to dedicate my win to Teresa Tedesco?s Dad who passed away a couple of weeks ago from a heart attack. The Tedesco?s mean a lot to me, they are very close friends of mine so, to be able to dedicate my win to their family is a good feeling. I love Ivan and Teresa, they are good people so it was kind of emotional at the same time.


A: This sounds like a very special win Tommy?

T: It was very special to me and I felt privileged to go up there and dedicate it to such a good man.


A: Well, it?s a great way to end your season at the Motocross Nationals, on the Podium with the overall; you?ve had a rollercoaster season up till this point, but Tommy you've had some great races!

T: Yeah, I?ve been so close in a couple of races but I crash or something dumb happened and I got ahead of myself but I just wasn?t going to let it happen this time. I was actually throwing up last night with freaking food poisoning and only got about 3 � hours of sleep so I was kind of panicking coming into today?s race but I actually feel pretty good now. It?s just good I got a lot of sleep the rest of the week.


A: Looking back at your Motocross season this summer how do you feel about what went down, you did earn a nice 5th place in the series.

T: My goal was to win a Moto and to finish top 5 overall, so I met both my goals. I also exceeded my own expectations and got an overall win here at Steel City, so I am ecstatic.


A: What?s after this race Tommy, do you have some things lined up?

T: I am going to go home to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet before Supercross 2010 starts back up.


A: Will you be racing at the SX US Open in Las Vegas?

T: Yes, I will be there, probably riding for Canidae; I?m not sure if my contracts is up before or after the Open but I should be riding a green machine.


A: Tommy can you tell us how the 1-day format of racing worked for you this Motocross season?

T: I think it was awesome. It gave us an extra day to practice at home. Being on the road four days out of the week and home for three is tough. So I was happy with how things worked out. With this schedule you are gone for only two days. I like it a lot and it?s definitely worked out better than expected. I hope we don?t go to a 1 Moto format next year but then it could play out in my favor sometimes but I really like the two Moto?s because it separates the men from the boys.


A: I was very impressed by your competitive nature out here this summer, you were right there challenging the top factory riders, what did you do to make these big moves in the season.

T: Basically I got on a good training program this year. I have some good friends that have helped me out along the way and they have helped me out a lot and I?ve learned a lot. Getting on the 450 helped me out tremendously because I am a bigger guy at about 175lbs. On the 250F I had to ride it so hard to keep up with the kids who weight 130lbs I just can?t compete with that. I?ve always rode better on a 450 and I love it.


A: Who do you have to thank for seeing you through this entire Motocross season and those great accomplishments?

T: I want to thank Canidae Motosports Kawasaki, Mitch and Bones at Pro Circuit, My mechanic, Jason Thomas, who works his butt off 24 hours a day, he is awesome. Dunlop, One Industries, Scott Gear and Goggles, Globe and just everybody, it?s just awesome. Also my Mom, Dad, and girlfriend, I just love them, and my brother who is always there for me, he was the first one to come up to me when I came off the track, it was awesome. I?m sorry if I missed someone but thanks to everyone!


A: well, what a great way to end the season Tommy, I?m very happy for you!

T: Thank you, see you at the US OPEN.

Source: http://www.supercross.com/mx-adventures/tommy-hahn-wins-at-steel-city

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