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MX Adventures - Supercross Racers go Pink

Supercross will undergo a 'Pink' transformation this weekend in Anaheim to show their support and help promote Breast Cancer Awareness, including contributions to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Orange County.

Expect to see a lot of masculine Supercross guys wearing pink riding gear, or somehow sporting the color to show their support for this great cause. Also it is a Valentines weekend, so many of the guys are getting all kinds of lady love ...

Press day is always fun and this week I decided to get a different view from some of the top Supercross guys. Ryan Villopoto, Nick Wey, Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, Max Anstie, and Eric McCrummen all took a few minutes with me to do the video interviews you see below. (Right now I just have Justin's interview in the video portion.)

First interview - the guy in third place right now in the Supercross Class, Ryan Villopoto. I had to chat with RV about his current race status, the competition, and that win from San Francisco.

Ryan V: Things are good, I am 10 points down and before San Fran it was 20 so in the last two races I have made up 10 points and we are not even half way yet so I think it is going to be a good series, the rest of it. Ten points is nothing and with just a couple of good finishes, it is racing and anything can still happen. I plan on staying consistent and get good starts and try to get some more wins.

Dungey did race with James at Anaheim 1, and now that James and Chad are out they think there is not a lot of racing to show now but that is not true. Dungey is a tough guy, but I know I can race Ryan, I am right there to battle him, my lap times are right there and even better sometimes. We have yet to go head to head but I am looking forward to it and we should have some good racing when that happens.

San Fran was good. It was a confidence booster and it is always fun winning. That is what we do this for, to win races and in the long run to win a championship. The team is working hard, I am working hard, and the bike is good so we are just going to keep plugging away and try to get some more of those wins and close that points gap.

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Next up: The Supercross Rookie from England, Max Anstie. He is currently riding the West Coast Lites on the DNA Shred Stix Star Racing Yamaha team and in seventh place. I asked him how he felt about his first Supercross season, that almost near second at San Diego and what his plans after Anaheim 3 with the eight week racing delay.

Max A: It really took me 3 or 4 races before I really felt comfortable and getting the initial new experience out of the way and to get over the fact that, wow, I am actually here racing Supercross, and it is what I have dreamt about since I was a little kid. But it took me those first few races to get things sorted out, but last weekend at San Diego was really cool and I was riding really good and I started to settle in to a good pace. I felt like I belonged out there and was really riding good. The team and everyone has been putting in a lot of hard work at DNA Shred Stick Star Racing Yamaha, so I am happy and it will be good this weekend.

Last weekend in San Diego I was real close. I was running in fifth and got to second and was catching up to Jake. I was running alongside him at one point in the race, got a little bit held up and then went down on that last lap with two corners to go. I was bummed but that is the way it goes and I actually ended up fourth, it was okay. It was by far the best ride I have had and it was really cool to show everyone on the team that we have been doing out work and the hard work is paying off and I believe I can be up there.

During the eight weeks off, well I have actually just signed up to get my diploma in an American school. I have my diploma from English school but I was in school all day yesterday getting everything ready to go and sorted out. I am looking forward to doing that and I will probably doing a lot of school work. Oh, I passed my driving test last week so it will be nice to drive myself to the test track.

Another Lites guy out at Press Day was Broc Tickle. Broc is one of the four guys in the West Coast Lites to consistently place in the top 10 in the Main. Broc had a fairly good run in the Nationals in 2009, earning a seventh place. Broc told me his opinion on his season so far and his plans during the eight weeks off.

Broc T: It feels good to have a consistent Supercross year. This is my second full year of racing. It is exciting to finally be consistent, but I know I can do better - I know there is a lot of improvement I can do so I am happy with where I am at right now. It is all about confidence out there, with so many great guys racing, but it is all about who has the confidence every weekend and remaining consistent. As for the eight weeks off, I am not sure I would call it off time because I might be riding a 450 on the East Coast so we will see how that goes. Other than that I will probably take a week off and then start with some Outdoor and get my settings ready for the Nationals MX series.

Nick Wey is by far one the funniest Motocross guys I have met during my time with and he did not disappoint with his quick wit and charisma. This year Nick came into the series with no Factory support, like a lot of guys in his boots, but a few races in Nick found himself as a fill in for Chad Reed on the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team. I asked Nick about this turn of events and more ...

Nick: I put the most importance on having competitive equipment and with riding the Kawasaki it is an awesome move for me. Having Kawasaki to take me on to their team when Chad got injured was a good deal for me. Being on the Factory bike for a couple of weeks now I think it is perfect timing to prove what I have got on it, so I am excited for this weekend for sure. I am very appreciative to the TiLube guys, Babbitts, MSR, & Foremost for staying with me, we are just kind of organizing some things in the background right now, just so I will be a little more prepared once I am back over there.

I have been riding a Kawasaki for quite some time now but the team came together super late and we were not able to do a lot of development with the bike, so I was running it with settings just how Pro Circuit gave it to us. I am definitely learning a lot from the set up the Kawasaki guys have. They have a lot of smart individuals over there and people putting together a bike for their team - I am learning quite a bit from them.

San Diego I got a good start and was able to lead a couple of laps and kind of made a couple of big mistakes from there and fell back quite a bit. The track was a bit slippery because it was hard packed and add the rain and it was pretty tough to stay consistent on every lap. I almost went down a few times and at one point I got passed by four guys at once, so it was one of those nights where it was tough if you were not just on it. This weekend I am hoping to be a little more comfortable out there and get another good start and stay smooth and finish quite a bit stronger.

The last Supercross West Coast Lites guy I talked to was Eric McCrummen, he rides the 410 bike on Team Hostility. The Pink Supercross race this weekend has special meaning for many and Eric shared with me how he felt about Supercross going 'Pink' and what he has going on for Anaheim 3.

Eric M: I will definitely be wearing a lot of pink. It is a special weekend for me because my grandma passed away from breast cancer. I think it is great that Supercross has an opportunity to support this great cause and the awareness of it. I think this weekend should be really good for me with maybe a little inspiration from my grandma up above. It is a special thing that is going on when the sport that I love is going beyond it's norm to bring awareness to something that has affected my life. As for the bike, Team Hostility did a great job with all pink graphics with the pink ribbons. We got some specially made pink spokes that look pretty cool. There is some stuff on the helmet so keep an eye out for the 410!


Justin Brayton

Eric M's nice looking bike!

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